Opt For Hallmark Jewellery to be Sure of Purity and Authenticity

Published: 03rd August 2010
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Gold is not just a metal in the Indian culture; rather, it is a source of great fascination and an indispensable thing for most Indian families. Like many other Asian countries, gold has been an integral part of our cultural inheritance. The brand or expiry date notwithstanding, it is always regarded as all of the same and undistinguishable. However, authenticity and purity of gold have put Indian buyers in a spot of bother of late. They only seek hallmark jewellery nowadays that guarantees them of fineness and originality of gold.

In India, the demand for gold is not affected by the price elasticity; instead, you'll witness more purchases of gold as the level of household income rises. Pure gold as well as silver are very delicate to resist wear and tear as an item for use or ornamentation. Therefore, it becomes essential to alloy them with a relatively smaller percentage of some other metals to enhance usability. This essentiality, however, has opened the door to a large-scale fraud and adulteration by manufacturers who make use of excessive amounts of the fortifying alloy to degrade the quality of gold. It is a straightforward task to introduce excess of alloy into both gold and silver without bringing about a significant change in the colour. The detection is also difficult without the help of technical tests. To safeguard the interests of consumers, a demand for some system of control gains momentum.

The Government of India has devised the concept of hallmark jewellery to protect the public in its buying of gold jewellery against fraud and adulteration. In addition to the public viewpoint, the other objective the hallmarking scheme is to bind manufacturers by an obligation of maintaining the lawful standards of purity. For better comprehension, hallmarking can be defined as the process of determining and recording the proportionate content of gold in the jewellery precisely and officially. So, hallmarks are actually official symbols employed in many nations to assure you of genuineness of gold. If you want to buy gold, look for the specific hallmark formally approved in your country.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the exclusive agency that regulates hallmark jewellery in India under the provisions of the BIS Act, 1986. It is principally involved in the formulation and publicity of standards to create awareness among the common man. BIS also runs a variety of quality certification schemes for the benefit of both sellers and buyers of gold ornaments.

Hence, when you buy gold the next time, you must cross-check various symbols such as the BIS logo, the year of hallmarking (e.g. K for year 2010), the purity of gold (e.g. 916 for 22 carat), the jeweller's identification mark, and the assay or hallmarking center's logo.
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